Text bake not working in GH 1


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Thanks for this @osuire - I’m just an airhead and failed to commit some improvements I made to the bake component to the repo, so they got lost as I was making updates for rhino 6. However I tracked down the files and have folded the improvements back in to the Rhino 6 build. see attached: Human.gha (415.5 KB)


An airhead ?
A supersonic one then !
More power to you Andrew.


Ok, now for some criticism :slight_smile:
It seems that something is wrong with “Justified text” : justification is wrong.
In the folowing example, you can see that the “Center” horizontal alignment is not respected.

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I can’t reproduce that. You’re using the Rhino 6 build I posted above? It handles center alignment just fine for me… can you post an example def?


In the définition I sent you, on the far right…

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it works in that definition too on my machine - not sure what to tell you.


Hi Andrew,

I don’t know either… The screen capture I sent you was not CGI ; I promise !
I also notice that some of the texts bake before receiving the Bake “True” boolean input.

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then it seems your computer is haunted


That would explain lots of things…

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do these issues you’re reporting happen always? or only in this specific definition you’ve set up? (i.e. does the text alignment problem always happen, are you seeing the text bake without you telling it to elsewhere, etc)



…and with Version 6 (6.3.18072.11251, 03/13/2018) with much improved text display :

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hey @osuire I have a suspicion about the text alignment issue. Can you try the following and let me know what happens?

  1. try changing the font
  2. try creating a text object in Rhino and exploding it into curves
  3. try this script and see if the text appears centered horizontally on the origin: testScript_text_align.gh (2.1 KB)


My name is Olivier :smirk:

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Hi Andrew,

Not too sure about what you want to see with points 1) and 2), but 3) gives this result :

But I find that there’s still alignment problems. Here’s the result of the same definition in V5 and V6 :

Here you can see that the preview isn’t consistent with the alignment choices, and the baked object isn’t even in the same position :

“A” and “VA” inputs have no impact either on preview or on baked text.


…changing the font has no effect :


Hello Andrew,

Any ideas ?

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in rhino 6 something is broken with text entity alignment - note that in the latest versions even the built-in Text Tag component exhibits the misalignment behavior you describe. I have yet to file a bug report but I have to look into this - I don’t want to over-correct for their bug only to have them fix it and have mine be broken again.


Hi Andrew, it looks like the problem has disappeared…