Text and dimensions properties are missing

i have new bug:
Text and dimensions properties are missing from right container
Version 8 SR3
8.3.23346.14001, 2023-12-12

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Yep, just noticed this as well after the last update. It makes editing properties of multiple annotations impossible (double clicking a single dimension still brings those options in a pop-up window). The “Match” properties function is also unavailable. I’ll have to downgrade to SR2 because this is completely unusable for drafting.

Reported here as well V8 - no text editing box in Properties
Investigating …

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that’s a serios one, Tested on Todays 8 SR 4 and it persists.

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I’m happy to unofficially report that the issue is fixed on Today’s daily build on Windows.

so everyone should get a service release candidate soon.


I still don’t see new RC for download…

Service release candidates are normally put out Tuesdays, unless you subscribe to the daily builds like @tay.othman does.

Hi @Helvetosaur - Sounds good. Could you pleas tell me, where i can subscribe daily builds?

As far as I know, these are not available to the general public…

you will get a new release candidate likely in 5 hours
you can check the link below:
Rhino - Download - Rhino 8 for Windows (rhino3d.com)

RH-79011 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 3 Release Candidate

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SR3 RC? That’s the version this bug was introduced, no? Did you mean SR4? But that I can’t see available for download. The link above leads me to 8.3.23346.14001 which is the exact version mentioned at the top of this thread.

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Hi @brian - as @SimonR wrote - this version brought this bug…

There are several 8.3 SRC’s (service release candidate), normally one a week until it is finalized into a SR (service release). SRC 8.4 therefore won’t be available until SRC 8.3 officially becomes SR 8.3.

However, yes, it looks like something is wrong there, my V8 did not automatically update this morning and check for updates told me I have the latest version installed - even thoughthat is the one from last week.

Hi all -
Yes, it looks like something went wrong with the Windows version of the latest release candidate. The macOS version is available. Seattle will have to look into this issue when that part of Earth is turned to the sun.