Text anchor problem when exporting in R4 format

Hello, forum!
When I export a document having a multiline text entity in V4 format it loses its anchor. When I load it with R4 or R5 the lower left corner of the first line is at the original position, while when I drew it that point was at the lower left corner of the last line. Please see the attached images.

Thanks. L

Yeah, @pascal this does look buggy somehow, probably related to the addition of text justification to V5, looks like the compensation made on export as V4 (where no justification was possible) may be going in the wrong direction… --Mitch

Hmm- yeah- I am not sure what’s possible here- the anchor goes to the default V4 location for the first word in the text, as if it were one line of text, and not the text as a whole, is what it looks like- thanks, I’ll see if this can be tuned up.



thanks. I’ve noticed that my specific routine for drawing text entities is not affected by this bug. Here is my code, in the case it could help:

Thanks. L

public Guid nonCalibratedDrawText(string text, double x, double y, bool andRedraw)
OnPlane plane = new OnPlane(RhUtil.RhinoActiveCPlane());
On3dPoint pt = new On3dPoint(x, y, 0);
OnTextEntity2 text_entity = new OnTextEntity2();
MRhinoAnnotationText text_object = new MRhinoAnnotationText();
int idx = RhUtil.RhinoApp().ActiveDoc().m_font_table.FindOrCreateFont(ref font);
if(andRedraw) RhUtil.RhinoApp().ActiveDoc().Redraw();
Guid id = text_object.Attributes().m_uuid;
return (id);