Text alignment and multi line text objects


Please can you add the basic left, centre and right alignment option within the text object?

Could you also allow multi line text objects?

A tick box to create a point for the centre of the grouped objects from the base plane of the extrusion would be handy too…

At the moment if you want to write a couple of lines of 3D text and align them it can become tiresome if you have a lot of text to model.



(Pascal Golay) #2

Added to the heap, thanks.



(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Andy - I am not sure what you mean here - is this a center of the bounding box?



Hi Pascal,

Yes, the centre in plan but not the centre of the volume… In most cases these things are sat on a surface so the centre of the back face/floor of the bounding box would be handy. Otherwise it’s centred and then moved in the z axis to the right spot on the surface it sat on which becomes another couple of mouse clicks.

Same with 3D printing, most things are sat on the base plate etc…


(Pascal Golay) #5

@2DCube - for now, here’s a ‘repurposed’ RhinoScript I found that may help. BBCenter.rvb (1.5 KB)
Drag and drop to, if I did it right, add


as an alias to run it - does that do what you need? If that is basically it, I’ll pythonize it and add a little nicer UI so it’s easier to use.



Hi Pascal,

Thanks for that, it’s really helpful!

By the time I’ve created the text and created a bounding box to centre each group and then a bounding box to that group (easier than volume centroid) it’s quite a lot of mouse clicks but this solves that.

If we could type multiline text and align it too, that would be a really helpful addition to WIP 6.

Thanks for your time on the script.


(Brian Gillespie) #7

RH-39035 is fixed in the latest WIP

(Brian Gillespie) #8

RH-39035 is fixed in the latest WIP