TexFalloff vray material

I’m trying to create a material with the texture option TexFalloff.
Ideally It should be a falloff from white to transparent. However, I’m using white and red for now so that I can see what’s going on.
I’m applying the material to a sphere for testing (attached). However no matter what I do I get always the same result regardless of the values far and near …

Here are the parameters I’m trying:
Color 1: white via Texcolor
Color 2: Red. Eventually I need it to be transparent though.
Type: Towards/Away
Local Z (I assume this is based on the local origin and axis of the object)
Angular Blend: Not applicable since I’m using Towards/Away as type
Distance blend: Here is what I’m not sure …
Would the ‘near’ value be the distance from the z-origin where color 2 starts and anything below that would be color 1?
Would ‘Far’ be the z-value where color 2 stops ?
Also, I assume that these values are in model units?
I’ve tried many combinations and I can’t make it work and I couldn’t find any reference to it in the documentation …
I’d appreciate some help.

falloff.3dm (481.5 KB)

Change the Angular Blend → Start Angle and End Angle to move the ‘transition zone’. If you try 90 [degrees] in both, you’ll get a sharp border at the equator and it will all make sense.

Thanks Dave I’ve tried that but the angular blend angles seems to matter only when the falloff type chosen is “angular blend”. I want the Towards/Away method so that I can control the height along the z axis. I wonder if there’s a bug and it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do …

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There’s no bug… unfortunately there’s no gradient in Vray for Rhino as on 3d Max…

Anyway i found an old manual with an alternative, give me 10 minutes and i’ll upload an screenshot

Do you want something like this?

What? No, not at all.
Please read the first post. Does this example have a color falloff or is it the shadow that makes it darker?


color falloff from black to orange

I see , sorry.
Did you use the z axis and Towards / Away type ?
My problem is controlling the z position of the transition. Changing the values Near-Far doesn’t make any difference. See the attached model in the first post