TetraHelix Simulator 6

My good www friend has been inspired by the extensional tetrahelix ideas made popular by synergetics, long ago, before PCs changed the world of thinking. Really bright people have worked on optional extensions all rendered with pencil and paper.

My friend Gary found a free-to-develop tool, to supercharge the extensional tetrahelix. He found it online and this was among his early outcomes: unity_saksod - Unity Play

Subsequently, he has vastly improved his own user interface, with numerical entry boxes, all with his own coding:

TetraHelix Simulator 6 - Unity Play

We are very struck by the physics simulation outcomes which are generated automatically, and which are all based pretty much on his clever use of the dihedral angle from the tetrahedron in particular.

Nature herself seems to impose the symmetrical outcomes which he can input, extend and optimize, only by changing the numerical inputs, once he has set the angle(s). The automated generation capabilities provide new and old patterns of great interest to us, in our little study group. https://www.youtube.com/@fieldstructure

He uses an elbow pipe section, based on his selected mathematical arc alone, and the piping allows clearer representations of the arcs, (rather than wire displays). Each arc is basically planar in and of itself.

The multi rotational loops upon loops and globular frameworks appear unlikely to be generated from randomized arc-angles… Yes or no? I’d like to test that hypothesis.

I like to try my hand someday, but am currently caught up in too many things to focus on his freely offered toolset, because… It does not currently use the grasshopper-style of sliders… Heh, heh.

There is currently no way to export 3d modeling files. Can grasshopper integrate and use something like this operability? Then we could grab some 3dms.

I look for motivations, to devote the needed time, to aquire more added tools, but I literally own thousands of physical tools already, and two bought software tools, as yet uninstalled.

Additional Youtube links can be found on his channel in the first posted link above.