Testspaceball - removed?

There used to be that testcommand which allowed users to revert to a basic navigation only support for spacemice (by turning the 3Dconnexion driver supplied with Rhino off). Has that feature been removed? Turning Testspaceball to Disabled here doesn’t cause the older mechanism to kick in (also not after restarting Rhino). Can someone confirm that Testspaceball no longer works?

The TestSpaceBall command seems to work here in the latest Rhino 5 (SR11)

Keep in mind that you should not rely on “test” command because they are just that - test commands - and there is no guarantee they will be available in future releases.

Thanks for testing Dale,
So you’re saying that you get a 6D device to work when setting that command to disabled and restarting Rhino? Not happening here on two very different computers.

Well – I would rather not use the Space Traveller at all then. The inbuild driver doesn’t work properly and never did whenever I tried it since early V5 beta… Their calibration simply doesn’t work, things just always move around, when not touching the device. Their full driver installs all sorts of unneeded crap (even after unchecking every checkbox), hijacks any running app (even webbrowsers) but could not fix my issue either, clear case for an instant deinstallation. As I only use this device very rarely I don’t want to invest much time on this matter but I remember that the pre V5 version just worked for me.

No, I’m saying when in run “TestSpaceBall”, the command executes.

Rhino 5’s space device support is written by 3dConnexion, who also make the Space Traveler. Have you tried contacting them about your issues? Have you posted your issues here (on this forum) in the past so their developers can see your feedback?

[quote=“dale, post:4, topic:17776”]
No, I’m saying when in run “TestSpaceBall”, the command executes.[/quote]
Hmm… what I see (without having the full 3DConnexions driver from their website installed) is:
Enabled (+restart) activates the V5 3Dconnexion supplied driver, which gets loaded by default. This driver just goes carussel here, useless.
Disabled (+restart) turns that driver off, with the consequence that the plugged in 3D mouse does nothing any more here.

I know and back then I also reported back, yes.
Now I think it was a lot more effective to get your older basic support to work again.

1.) If you plug in a 3Dconnexion device and then run Rhino 5, you will have basic functionality. This is because the 3dxRhino plug-in can work with or without the 3Dconnexion driver.

2.) If you plug in a 3Dconnexion device, install the 3Dconnexion driver, and then run Rhino 5, you will have enhanced functionality.

3.) If you run the TestSpaceBall command and disable the 3dxRhino plug-in, then you must have the 3Dconnexion driver installed for a 3Dconnexion device to function. Essentially, you’ve put Rhino 5 into Rhino 4.0 “space ball” mode. Rhino 4.0 does not work with 3Dconnexion devices unless the 3Dconnexion driver is installed.

Does this help?

Well, it at least gives me a good understanding how things are supposed to work :o).
My problem is that I can’t establish basic, let alone enhanced functionality. I’m hesitant to install that %$§ driver once again.Here’s btw. how things look with the inbuild driver, the perspective camera rotates around the sun - hard to capture…

Ok Dale, I figured in the meantime what’s wrong. The Space Traveller a sturdy stainless steel thing, maybe 8 years old and which looks and feels as it could still work in 200 years has long been discontinued and is no more supported by recent drivers. I did not even consider this as a possible reason – that’s very unfriendly by 3D Connexion indeed!

I found an old vista driver (3DxSoftware_v3-7-22) which still works on win7.