Testing the Zoo on a server (with trial Rhino version)?

From a quick skim of the Forum I see many posts about using the Zoo with trial versions in conjunction with full licences, but nothing about being able to test the Zoo works using a trial version.

Is this possible? We would like to be able to test that the license server will be able to work over our rather complex and firewalled server before we purchase…

Thanks in advance,


Hi Tody,

We don’t not have trial, or evaluation, licenses that you can add to the Zoo to test. But, you can test the Zoo in your environment by doing the following:

1.) Install the Zoo and configure the system running it per the information found here:


2.) On a system that will (potentially) be running Rhino and accessing its license from the Zoo, download and run the Zoo Diagnostic Utility.


If the diagnostic utility completes all 5 tests successfully, Rhino will run successfully.

Does this help?