Testing some of the new mesh utilities in WIP v7

@Jussi_Aaltonen has been working on some mesh utilities. I have been testing them for a while.

I think they are shaping up quite nicely. Here a quick video of Append, SelEdgeLoop, SelFaceLoop and InsertEdge.

The toolbar is my own creation for improved oomph.


Ooooh! Nice.
I can see this as very handy for manually retopoing reference meshes.
T-Splines has a very nice function called retopo snap which allows you to build meshes that snap to the reference mesh as you go.
Any thoughts on adding that sort of functionality?

Cheers, Steve

@Steve_Howden If you pay attention to the command-line in the video you’ll find what you are asking for (:

Here a very quick (and short) video with RetopoSnap of the Append command


Is the wip v7 is available to download? (if one has v6 educational license)


I also have v6 on a student licence and downloaded the wip like last week

Ha! That’ll teach me to go blundering in and posting before actually trying it out properly.
that’s fantastic. Thanks Nathan.

Thanks :rhinoceros: Will have to try this!

Wonderful, looks great for sculptural work as well.


I discovered this menu.
I wanted to test them, but the commands are unknown for Rhino.
Have they been deleted or should the command names be changed in the buttons?
I can’t find RetotpoSnap in the Rhino mesh menu.

thank tou

Good day @kitjmv
Thanks for pointing this out. That toolbar is currently outdated in various ways. I’ll check it.
Command Append is renamed to AppendFace.
RetopoSnap is removed and its functionality will be added back later as a fully integrated feature in Rhino.
Other commands you might be interested to test include InsertEdge, InsertPoint, SlideEdge, Bevel, Bridge and Inset. These work on meshes and subd’s.

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Thank you for your reply.
It’s really a shame for RetopoSnap. Right now, I’m testing the possibilities of Rhino7 to see how far we can use it. for example

In this case, the command would be of great help.
I can’t wait to test it.

Hi jmv -

If you run the ToolbarReset command, those buttons should no longer be there. If you have modified default toolbars, make sure to save your modifications to custom toolbars because any modification of default toolbars will be overwritten by that command.