Testing in debug mode, VB.net

Is it possible to test a plugin in debug mode? When I run the plugin from the IDE, Rhino opens, then nothing. Is the only way to test to build the plugin and install it?

You must tell Rhino at least once where your plug-in is, the easiest is to drag the RHP file onto Rhino. Then, all the code including the commands in the plug-in are debuggable by setting a break point in the code. When the code is run, for example when a command is executed, the execution will stop at your breakpoint.

Thanks very much.

As Menno said, the easiest way to install a plug-in is to just drag & drop it on top of a running Rhino.

The more traditional approach is to use Rhino’s Plug-In Manager (Tools -> Options -> Plug-ins).

Note, you need only install a plug-in once. After that, to demand load your plug-in, just launch Rhino and run one of your plug-in commands.