testCommands List

Is there a list anywhere of testCommands such as one great one that I have just found this morning on this forum : testRemoveAllNakedMicroLoops that @pascal posted. As this would be a great help for speeding up some workflows.

Thanks Matt

This list is not public. Test commands are intended for tests and development only and might be dangerous to your file. Usually when a test command is ready for a safe use it becomes a regular command.

Apart from the one mentioned by you, I often use TestToggleRoundPoints (every time Rhino starts; Options-General) and TestMSX (to find selfintersecting mesh faces). These are safe afaik.

But can I post the list?

Sure, as long as you assume personal responsibility for all tech support, questions, problems and lost work incurred by people using the those test commands… Make sure you publish your e-mail in the same post…


There is always an “Undo”. OK, I won’t :slight_smile:

TestToggleRemovePost :smile:
Or if that doesn’t work then TestToggleDenial

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I have change the Discussion Topic group so its not so public but part of the Rhino V6 development. As feel it might be more help here / makes more sense to ask about test commands for a the WIP version that I am not using for production but just to test and develop ideas and workflows.

No worries if its still not able to be posted, was just a thought.

Hi 0netech,

Can you post the testCommands list in the rhino?