Test House

This one is actually not a real project but a test scene I use to experiment with new stuff e.g. plugins, render engines and also as an environment for creating new materials, lights and so on. It has different light settings for daylight, blue hour night and so on.

in this case the scene was rendered with a artificial light test setup for Octane and rendered for 12 minutes on a GTX 3090 for a resolution of 3000 X 1500.


nice renderings! Are you satisfied with the 3090, do you use it solely for rendering?

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Well… Off course I use it only for rendering :wink:

It is of course a very capable card, a little bit of an overkill for render purposes certainly ( you would do nearly as good with a fast 3080 ), but I am also experimenting a lot with VR and so I opted for the strongest card there is (currently…)

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hello would you like to share youre file ?