Test Dispersion Rhino Cycles

test dispersion.gh (14.3 KB)
Diamond4.rmtl (32.8 KB)

I tried to create a material with dispersion, but it is little visible.
Maybe someone knows how to increase the intensity. ?

rhino cylces does not render dispersion at all, i am not even sure if it can output caustics since i never have gotten that to work no matter how long i waited.

Hi @taraskydon
Cycles (in Rhino) doesn’t do dispersion or caustics at all, so no wonder you are not seeing the effect. There has been/is being work done on implementing both caustics and dispersion in the Cycles core in Blender, so hopefully, once @nathanletwory gets the core updated in Rhino 8, some of the newly added bells and whistles will arrive in Rhino as well.
HTH, Jakob

Diamond5.rmtl (49.9 KB)
That’s the most I could do. :neutral_face: We’ll wait for an update.