Tesla Graphic Supports

i want to install Rhino 6 on server with NVIDIA Tesla M10 and use VMware VDI. does Rhino 6 supports NVIDIA Tesla series?

Virtualization is not officially supported. Will it work? Eh, maybe? Probably? The specs of the Tesla M10 don’t really sound promising, it’s sales pitch is how many users you can have on a single card not how good the performance is for those users.

thanks a lot. i have only 3 users. what about NVIDIA Quadro P4000?

i want to use vDGA mode in VMware Horizon so graphic card is pass-through to vm and driver of Graphic card must install on it.

Like, why is this being done? For just 3 users on something like the P4000 it’s going to be a lot of expense for not-great performance.

Quadro P4000 is not good graphic card for Rhino or on virtualization performance of it will be downgraded?

Well it was a good if overpriced(as all Quadros are) card when it was new, almost 3 years ago…I just question why this virtual desktop thing is being done for just 3 users and with sorta minimum budget equipment, it sounds like a fun project but not a great business choice.

my manager want to control users. he afraid that users stole their project files and he want to restrict users to use only one system that he can control it and project files store on a server. in Rhino is it possible to define shared folder for storing files?

Well it’s no different from any other Windows app, lots of people have central file servers.

is it possible to force user to store project in shared folder in Rhino? i mean Rhino doesn’t allow users to store projects on local drive.

No, that’s ridiculous, and trying to lock down desktops is totally beyond the scope of Rhino itself. Actual spy agencies apparently don’t know how to stop people taking copies of files home on thumb drives, it’s doubtful you can totally do so.

i really don’t know what to do. my manager now force me to deploy VDI but there is not enough information for running Rhino on virtualization platform. can you suggest me a good performance graphic card?

Nvidia has a list of the cards they “recommend” for virtual desktops. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/data-center/graphics-cards-for-virtualization/

Thanks a lot.

a manager that doesn’t trust his/her coworkers. Sounds like a great start for fruitful cooperation :smirk:

As was stated at the beginning of this thread, virtualization is not supported.