Terrible Update problems

Heeelp! I have just downloaded the last version of Rhino for Mac.
I did not save a copy of my current Rhinoceros application, I just overwrote it.
The program is not working well.

I wanted to start modeling a box, when I pick this option and try to draw it, nothing happens, I am not even able to press the Cancel Button… why?

Is there a solution to this problem?

I am having the same problems. I was an idiot and replaced the old version when I updated. 3/4 through a project for school and it won’t even do a simple trim!!!

Are you using OS 10.8?
If so, have a look at the link down here. This might be a solution for you.
Solution might be here

I updated my Mac to Maverick (10.9.1) and also downloaded the latest Rhino Version (2014 01 29).

I do not have problems any more. I don’t know if it works due to Maverick or Rhino Version or both… but everything works correctly!

Anyway, thank you very much Hilko for your interest and your advice :wink:

Hope Michaela has solved her problem already!

I Updated to Mavericks too and a lot better I must say!