Terrible freezings when switching layers on/off

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if this behavior is normal:

I´m used to work in Rhino switching layers ON and OFF and hiding and unhiding groups of objects by kind, color, etc… When the number of items is low in quantity or size (small mesh with low poly numbers for instance) everything works fine, but when I´m working with big numbers of lines ( masterplans, topographies…) switching a layer off or On can take up to 20 minutes…So it becomes very hard to work this way. Maybe it´s not the proper way to work or handle such files or maybe I´m missing something. Thank you!

Hi Andres,

That doesn’t sound fun. Would it be possible to share a file that shows this delay? You can use http://www.rhino3d.com/upload leaving the recipient email as tech@mcneel.com , just be sure to either paste a link to this forum thread or add notes describing the issue. The first step is to see if the problem exists on another machine to rule out it being a hardware issue. Then it could be filed for the developers to look at. Just let us know if the model is confidential and we’ll keep it private in the bug tracker.

First i´m sorry for bumping this old thread, I just saw the answer today as I continued stumbling upon this problem. The files wich give me headhaches are usually big sized ones (400mb-1,2 GB). The problem comes, as I said, when Switching layers on-off, usually if they have lots of curves on them. It seems odd to me switching one layer Off is so resource heavy on my computer, other softwares such Autocad do this task instantly . It seems something is going wrong…

As for uploading the model, Im´m not sure if it will be possible due to the size.

Is supposed to be very fast switching layers on/off independently of the number of objects?

Yes, it should be in principle. Do the curves have linetypes associated with them? That can sometimes cause massive slowdowns if they are very fine (i.e. they look continuous, because the scale is small, but they really are dashes or dots…)


yeah continuous lines.
they are havy on control points though, they come from grasshopper and kangaroo so they are created trough multiples iterations.
the other group of lines are contour lines of a very intricated and high numer of faces mesh

I have a file here with:

15375 points, 2247727 curves, 6 polysurfaces, 12 surfaces, 221532 text

It takes about 3-5 seconds to turn a layer on or off, fwiw… Pretty much all of the curves are lines, polylines, circles or arcs in this case.


mine is only 355179 curves, but each curve is very heavy in control points as I said. Sounds strange to me. My computer has 16 gb of Ram DDR3 an i7 CPU and a 7970M videocard. Besides this, that is really really annoying anything else is quite fast.

here I attach the link to the file. I managed to export the file as a dwg and to Autocad and everything went smoothly over there, hidding and unhiddign layers, but in rhino it takes ages to hide or unhide those layers. Funny enough, the autocad file was 1/4 the size of the 3dm. Maybe I´m missing something or something is going badly…This problem is making impossible to handle big files


Ok, I tried something, opening the file in safe mode, proved to solve the problem, but know I´m guessing if it´s a plugin thing, or wich module loads that makes layer switching so heavy