Terrain rain runoff analysis with Kangaroo

Hi all,

I try to analyze the rain runoff on a terrain, what I do is project the raindrops on the terrain and then using Kangaroo solver to simulate the runoff path. However, it doesn’t succeed at last and the raindrops are very weird. The attached picture is what I want to simulate, the script is the script for this simulation.

Appreciate if anyone can help!! Thanks!


Terrain_FlowAnalysis.3dm (5.2 MB) Terrain_FlowAnalysis.gh (14.8 KB)

What is it you actually want to calculate?
A trace of the gradient curves? division into which regions feed into which basins? something else?
The model in your file seems like something very different from your image.
If the geometry is composed of simple inclined planes like that, then I don’t think you even need any simulation to trace gradients.

Hi Daniel,

I want to trace the gradient for simulating the runoff path on the terrain, so as to find out which place will be affected by flooding.


I see your landscape model is 5852984.032 millimeters across

You could adjust the values of the vertical force and particle radius in the definition, but much easier is just to switch the units of the whole model to meters (under Tools>Options>Units, and say yes when it asks if you want to scale the model accordingly).

Hi @DanielPiker

Thanks for reminding me. Let me try to match the unit and perform the simulation one more time. Hope it can work!