Terrain Developable Area, Roads, Cut and Fills

Well, this was amusing… I decided to build a road, carving out terrain or building it up as needed.

  • In ‘Top View’, draw a curve for the road on the ‘WorldXY’ plane. Make sure it starts and ends outside the bounds of the mesh surface.
  • Adjust the ‘Count’ slider to have as few points as possible but as many as necessary to follow the road accurately.
  • The ‘raise path’ slider will raise the projected points above the mesh surface, which can be helpful in reaching a “state of equilibrium” where the volume filled in is nearly the same as the volume of material excavated.

The two ‘Volume’ components are VERY SLOW - ~45 seconds on my laptop - and should probably be disabled while messing with other parameters. Sometimes a ‘Volume’ component will fail but a slight adjustment of a parameter will “fix” the problem.

Green in the image below shows “build up” or fill volume.

(painfully slow to open! looking at it again now… disabled Volume components)
Toposurfacenytterrn_2016Aug6b.gh (71 KB)