Terrain curves at set distances

Hello everyone, I have a very basic problem but for the love of me I cannot seem to solve it: I basically have a set of terrain curves, each of which should mark a 10m height distance from the previous one. Unfortunately, they are all on the same plane, and what I cannot seem to do is to elevate each of them by 10m (so the first should be at 0, the next at 10, next one 20 and so on). I only seem to manage to copy them in bulk in steps of 10m.
Can anyone help? They are all in the same layer, don’t know if that might be the problem…
Thanks to anyone who would provide some insight!

monesteroli terrain.gh (14.3 KB)


There is no geometry in your file, perhaps as a result of these missing components? The ‘Layer Reference’ suggests there is a missing .3dm file?

Sorry, I thought that internalizing the data in the layer ref component would solve such a problem but I guess not… I now have internalised the curves inside the curve component, and will attach also the Rhino file for good measure…
monesteroli terrain.gh (449.4 KB) monesteroli terrain.3dm (5.8 MB)

I attempted to impose some order on the chaos of your ‘TERRAIN CURVES’ by joining them (they were broken into segments) and culling (by Z value) the rectangular curves (white group). Then I used Anemone and CrvProx to sort them, but as you can see, this failed where closed curves surrounded other curves on hills or valleys. And I had no way of knowing which end of the list is high or low.

monesteroli terrain_2021Feb26a.gh (476.1 KB)

Reversed list:

Thank you very much for your help, I think it’s great! The reversed list is actually the right one, so I will just have to flip the order, thank you for your help

Just reverse the SubSet ‘L’ output.