Tensile membrane with holes (by using kangaroo 2)

I’m develloping some scripts for the tensile membranes using GH, so i’m quite a beginner.
I’m having some trouble with kangaroo 2. I’m trying to have a curvature between the two circles (like we have in the blue mesh) but i’m not able to have such nice result.

My inputs are :

This is my script :

And this is my result :

As you see, the curvature between the two circlus is almost inexistent.

How can i solve this ? Put more tension in warp or weft ? How can i do that ?

This is my script
Chapeau_chinois_multiple_cerce.gh (15.0 KB)

Thanks for your answers !

Hi @tpereira
The file is missing the inputs

If you right click each of these and Internalise Data it will be easier to help.

Just from looking at it though, I think the problem is the long thin triangles in the mesh.
If you run it through TriRemesh first that should fix it.

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Thank you very much Daniel, that’s was my problem! Now the curvature is perfect!

Just a last questions, is it possible to manage differently the stress in the warp and weft?

Chapeau_chinois_multiple_cerce.gh (25.3 KB)
This is my script, which is not necessary anymore I guess)

Warp weft only really makes sense when you’re using a quad mesh.

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Yes, i know but i can’t do it on this membrane.

How do you make a quad mesh on this kind of membrane? (I have some trouble with meshes, that’s why i use weaverbird)

I’d do it something like this

Make a hexagon and scale it inwards to get the opening.
Make a quad using _3DFace , connecting one outer side to an inner side.
Array polar to get faces for the whole hexagon.
Join and copy.
Move the midpts and join these 2 hexagons.

Then set anchors/openings as needed and relax.

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