Tensile Fabric Formwork- Orienting Mesh to XY Plane

I want to orient mesh panels to the XY Plane while keeping their center axis rotated toward a specific point (the center of the original mesh). So far I have been able to execute this process for each panel individually, but now I want to do this for all panels at once. The only way I have been able to achieve the desired orientation is by baking to Rhino, executing a MeshtoNURB and imputing the new surface back to GH. Effectively, redrawing the Mesh as a Surface so that I can use the Orient component in GH. Please see the screenshots explaining the project and the desired drawing. If interested, please see the explanation below and/or view my previous post: Fabric Formwork Paneling

I have been working on developing lost fabric form work for an anticlastic thin shell paper structure. I used kangaroo to create a mesh that represents the final form. I then divided the mesh into three courses and paneled it into pieces sized to fit the dimensions of my university’s lasercutter and plotter maximum dimensions. Then we used the laser cutter to cut the two upper courses, and the plotter to create templates for hand cutting the lower course. Finally all of this was sewn together, pulled into tension, and then the kraft paper pulp was applied to harden the burlap formwork. We are still in the process of pulping the formwork, so the space is not yet ready to inhabit.

I am trying to create a drawing representing the digital paneling process. But there is still one piece to the puzzle that I can’t seem to figure out! I need to re-orient the unrolled panels to the XY Plane, but I would like them to remain in a position relative to there place within the whole project. So that I can have an exploded drawing of the panels oriented as if they were part of the whole but separated for visual communication of the assembly process.

11.22.2019_Question.3dm (1.9 MB)
11.22.2019_Question.gh (488.8 KB)

Hi @njwheele take advantage of your sorted mesh faces to create the correct planes, next time just attach the relevant part.

191122_unroll_ev.gh (98.4 KB)

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Thanks, this is great.