Temporarily disable selection by rectangle

Rhino 6 SR 17 on Windows 10

I just wrote a quite complex DisplayConduit that allows user to see, select and move some points in the document.
I would like to let user move points by dragging them but i can’t: since i’m “just” enabling a custom displayConduit (no real object is added to the document), if user drags mouse in the viewport, he defines a selection rectangle.
Is there a way to temporarily disable selection by rectangle?
As usual… Thanks a lot to you all!

Well, no. You’ll need to implement some kind of picking.

– Dale

Yes! That’s exactly what i did!
This is the reason i need to de-activate Rhino standard selection mode…
Anyway it looks that there’s no solution, right?
Thanks @dale! :slight_smile:


I know it’s been a while since you asked, but I recently ran into the same issue. To prevent default selection behavior and get rid of the selection rectangle just cancel out from your conduit before the default logic kicks in.

        protected override void OnMouseDown(MouseCallbackEventArgs e)
             // do magic
             e.Cancel = true;
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Thanks @mrhe!
Good to know! :slight_smile: