Template file making to not include model and layers how?

I open a model that has the dimensions and grid etc I wish to have for many projects, I choose ‘save as template’ but the result when opened sees the model and layers etc.
How does one make a template from it without seeing the actual project when its opened ? just the grid and all the dimension styles I need from it.



Hi Steve -

If it’s only that what you need, you’ll have to delete everything else.

Hi Wim,
oh well, will do, thought there might be an tick box to save all except model and layers.
One has to be careful as there may be hidden items.
such a tick box would have been useful, as templates can be for starting a new project.
Furthermore as I had used the default layers, and altered the one called default, I now dont have the default layers I like to start with. I will have to create a normal default file, draw on them copy paste them in.

Is it ok to copy paste my v5 templates into the templates folder same address for v7 on the win10 build ?