Teleporting component

Hi I am currently developing a grasshopper component and have run into an issue where the component will relocate itself to the top left corner every time I reopen the script and disconnect all of it’s sources.
However, the values it holds as part of deserialization are kept.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before?

That means that the object has failed (or don’t even try) to be written or read in the document. It does not know either its sources or its attributes (the position). Try to save it again in .ghx format, open it with a text editor and search for that component. If the input has no sources or the attributes of the component have pivot or bounds with NaN values or something weird, you have done something wrong serializing (writing) the component. If everything is fine in the .ghx, it is failing to deserialize (reading). If you don’t find the problem, you will have to publish the code for someone to find something weird on it.

Hi Dani,

Found an issue with both serializing and deserializing.
I was referencing an old example where they returned true instead of returning base.Read(reader); and base.Write(writer) respectively.