Telepathy down to a crawl

Telepathy is absolutely fantastic, and I wish a similar concept will be hard-wired (ha ha) in GH2.
But sadly, it’s in the cases where it’s the most relevant (large definition, many variables) that it also starts to fail.

It becomes verly difficult to create new senders and type in their names when there are already many of them in the definition :

Note that I am not taking drugs : I typed the name at full speed, but it takes forever to display.

I’ve found this recomputing issue with wildcards that can completely brick telepathy for me, have made a separate topic for it. Does this explain the issues you are having?


I love it too. But (Yes always a but) I use so often copy past, and this makes telepathy generate a huge mess. I would love to see a option to break or rename connections on the fly.

If its so slow maybe searching for connections at each text change, try to write in a text editor and past the text in one shot.