Tekla link update

I currently use a telka live link, it allows rhino to link with tekla in “live”.

The problem is that editing grasshopper is not possible if tekla isn’t open. This causes an issue as fast editing of the script isn’t possible now, as it must run live with all build models linked from rhino to tekla. Which is you have a large build takes a while to complete. I used to be able to edit all lines and calcs up to import without building into tekla.

This is a problem that has come into play in the latest update to grasshopper V1, from what I can tell. please note I am not a developer I am only a user, that would like to see if we can tell Tekla what they should look for to change it back.

The error is from the list of error is:
failed to deserialize itself: The type initializer for Tekla.Structures.ModelInternal.DelegateProxy’ threw an exception.

Don’t know if David got involved or not, but after this post and a few messages the tekla live link is now 100% fixed


What was the fix?