Technical view never finishes computing

I’m having some problems with a file that was working fine now the technical display view computes endlessly. I’ve seen a few similar forum posts like this but have not found any solutions. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?


Hello - I’d try to isolate the object causing the problem if possible, by for instance hiding half the file and seeing if that solves it, hiding another half etc. Does SelBadObjects select anything? If so hide or delete those and see…
If the file is not large, and can be public, please post it here, otherwise send to, with a link back here in your comments.


I tried hiding everything and one by one showing a part then testing Tech view. Some blocks took a little while to compute and also models of screws downloaded from McMaster took a long time, up to a full minute if at all. Could it be the McMaster model’s complexity that is causing the issue?

Yes, I would think so - are there modeled threads in there for example?


Yes, they are fully modeled screws. Right now I have each one placed as a polysurface, would it compute better if they were multiple iterations of a block?

Possibly but, I’d make a version, assuming the threads do not need to show in the drawing (?) that is just the screw head and place those. These can be blocks so it it easy to swap out with the fully modeled one when that is needed.


Adding to what Pascal wrote, the display meshes for regular shaded display modes are saved in the file. The meshes that are needed for technical display modes are not saved in your file and need to be recomputed every time you reopen the file and put a viewport into a technical display mode.

Thanks, @pascal and @wim