Technical View: how to antialiase the dashed lines?

Have a look, if you turn on Technical View on the hidden lines are dashed but look really bad and pixalated, which destroys the view for communicating to a client. Do you have any ideas how to get them smooth? (working quick with screenshots) Thanks

There is no way I have seen, so I use the the following “Dave hack-nique:”

GOAL: Screen capture very large, then use Photoshop to anti-alias

  • Use the -viewcapturetofile command
  • Type it on the command line AND include the hyphen
  • When you get to the resolution, select larger numbers than the viewport
  • I typically triple whatever two numbers show up
  • Save it
  • Open in Photoshop
  • Use Filter → Blur → Guassian
  • Number of pixels is usually around 0.5 to 2.0, zoom in to watch
  • Done. Save. Enjoy.

TIP: Make your background white so you can place the image on any page without the ‘family snapshot’ color box around it.

Video with more tips here.

If it’s for a static file for export then just use the Make2D command… Ensure that the perspective view is as you would like to use.

You can punt out many as you need and then position them in the top view. This way you can export them to scale too. In your template make sure that you have the different lines set to different colours and print widths:

Use PrintDisplay command to highlight the different line thicknesses:

It’s the best way to get a vector output and enables you to avoid a raster image

Hope that helps?



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