Technical line weigh limitations/bug

there seems to be a bug in the “Intersection line width” in technical mode. It widens up to 3 pixels, but all settings above that is not affecting the display mode:

Also “Hidden Line width” has a physical limitation at 3 px and the others at 10 px. When making large -viewcapturetofile outputs it could be nice to go higher.


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Talking about -viewcapturetofile… I wish the multiplier option also would affect the different line width.

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@Holo, yep…we totally agree with your request as well… And we’re working towards that capability… As for the line width issues, we are currently working on shader-based line drawing (geometry shaders), and right now it’s all in flux…so many settings where line width is involved will probably need some attention…Keep testing and reporting these issues as you come across them, but please also bear with us while this change is being implemented :slight_smile: