Tech Gems 4.2 unable to detect HASP

Good morning or afternoon or evening to you all. I’m struggling to get my tech gems 4.2 has to be recognised by rhino.

I’ve been running Rhino 3 with my tech gems 4.2 hasp no trouble at all on windows 10. Now it’s all gone pear shaped with this as the message everytime I go to use a feature of tech gems.

Unable to run program C:\TechGems4\scripts\detectHASP.exe.

Any light people can throw on the situtation would be hugely helpful .

Thanks in advance


Does TechGems use a dongle (a hardware plug that provides an authorization to run the software)? This name of the .exe suggests that it is associated with a dongle.

It sounds like he has the dongle (HASP) but it has stopped working for some reason. @theringlab did this by any chance happen after a Windows update? Perhaps the Hasp driver got corrupted or doesn’t run anymore - the first thing I might do is go to their site - Hasp was absorbed by Safenet and now Gemalto - and see if there is a recent driver available. But this stuff is really, really, really old… Rhino 3 was between 2002 and 2007… :older_man:t2:


Hi guys

Thanks for the responses. Yes it did happen after a windows update. I only use the dongle to quickly calculate the amount of stones required for me to price jobs and although a very old version now a prefectly reliable and stable piece of software until recently I’ll have a look at the link you kindly provided and I’ll let you know how I get on. :slight_smile: