Teaser trailer - Bongo 3

Hi all,

We’ve had a new Bongo developer join the team, please welcome @Joshua_Kennedy.
He’s already started on the Bongo 3 project and here’s some videos that he made:

Ps. The work has just started so it will still take some time before we toss it over the wall as a WIP version. :slight_smile:


physical motion support :kissing_heart:

That’s great! @Joshua_Kennedy Welcome aboard. Please keep in mind as you develop these great new capabilities how important it is to connect them to the unsophisticated user through a well designed intuitive interface.


Spoiler warning:

That’s me.

-Welcome @Joshua_Kennedy!

// Rolf


Bongo 2 has been a great improvement over Bongo 1. Can’t wait to see what you guys do.

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