Team Collaboration in Rhino (inspired by Photoshop features)

Photoshop has now an option to “Invite to edit” a live document
Rhino doesn’t have an option to “Invite to edit” a live document
I wish Rhino had an option to “Invite to edit” a live document

Rhino doesn’t have its own cloud storage solution, so it would need one of those first. And this isn’t actually any kind of “live” collaboration, it’s strictly regular one-person-at-a-time editing.


Maybe it’s just too difficult to build

I’m not sure what WebRTC that has to do with it… The ‘invite to edit’ feature is just a shortcut to emailing a file link to someone. One could technically script that up.

No one’s really asked for McNeel to develop their own version of OneDrive, or Box, or Google Drive…how would they pay for it without a subscription model, you know the thing everyone hates about Adobe? It’s of no use to me, my Net isn’t good enough, and Rhino users include paranoid types who are probably running Rhino on ‘air gapped’ machines.

WebRTC was a hint towards a peer-to-peer, rather than centralized mechanism. “live” isn’t even necesary, just the ability to nerge two .3dm files and “automagically” have it recognize the changes…

Okay…that’s nothing to do with this feature, it’s explicitly just a way to send a link to someone to open a file, there’s no multi-user editing, merging at all. Also WebRTC has nothing to do with multi-user editing of Rhino files, that would require…I dunno, completely rebuilding Rhino’s most basic core(or building an extra layer of abstraction on top of all the core functionality) and probably asking a lot more money.

yeah, it sounds like a lot of work. It would be cool though to have someone confirm that it has been looked at before and it really would be so difficult that building a completely new CAD tool would make more sense that refactoring Rhino…

because it would really make teamwork collaboration easier

True, “invite to edit” was the wrong title. Gonna change it