Teaching Grasshopper to kids : any idea of a fun project / resources?

A simple physics simulation with Kangaroo2, very satisfying to watch and you could explain some of the concepts behind in a child-friendly manner. :slight_smile:

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That is an excellent idea !

You must be very happy man, having one daughter only I envy you.

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Wow, looks like someone read the instruction manual !

Best investment ever made. Including pension funds…

// Rolf

that image made me think of a roller coaster in grasshopper, or a marble run. would that even be possible?

Find a local site close to your home and design the best playground ever to go on it.

Aldo Van Eyck: Van Boetzelaerstraat, Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam-Oudwest, 1961 & 1964.

Then apply to the local council to see it realised. My daughter and I love minecraft too, but you can’t beat reality.



Here’s our first model, it’s called “bubbly pencil cup” :


Nice. Share some process pics too. You can directly post pics here instead of Google Links. Discourse has dedicated Gallery category.

BlocksCAD a good start to learn 3D modeling and a step to understand the logic of Grasshopper

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Yep, she does some Scratch, which is similar