Tea pavilion test

Hello All,
im trying to do that:

with grasshopper,
does anybody knows how?

What have you tried so far?
Also, this looks like something that would be simple to make just in Rhino without Grasshopper, by drawing a parabola, rotating it, extruding to a point, then array polar.

Thanks for having a look,
here is what i did -
test02.gh (16.1 KB)

Classical sort of Felix Candela work


The basic is to first search with a search engine.

thank you!

The difficult part is the roof intersection… This model breaks too easily. Careful adjustment of the ‘Angle’ slider (and/or Z-slider) often gets a fair result with different polygons.

tea_pavilion_2019Aug17a.gh (26.9 KB)

Thank you very much!

Check this as well.

Tea pavilion_re.gh (11.7 KB)

Thank you all

Solves the intersection issue by using a straight line for the “valleys” thanks to Extrude Point. This is an R5 version of your code, no relays.

Tea pavilion_reR5.gh (8.5 KB)

Tea pavilion_reV2.gh (23.9 KB)