TDR with Raytraced on a Quadro

Had a bit of a look and it was too slow to be workable - I’m wondering if my Quadro card is now too slow?
Second time I loaded the WIP and changed the viewport to Raytraced nvidia seemed to crash.

A TDR isn’t necessarily a crash, in Raytraced case it probably means the device is just very, very busy. Does this happen even with the simplest of scenes, say just a box?

Other than that, you can always set Cycles to use the CPU in Tools > Options > Cycles.

Yep, it came up even without any geometry. I have 1 Rhino open, but quite a bit of other stuff (browsers, word, excel) maybe memory? I changed to CPU, restarted Rhino, but still got the same error

Hmm, not sure why you would get the same error with CPU, as the Quadro then is only used to draw what it already normally does (the viewports). What card model do you have?

Thanks - it is a Quadro 600

Right, the Quadro 600 isn’t very powerful for this purpose, and already getting dated. Fermi-based cards (and older) don’t work too well for Cycles ( That said, rendering with CPU should work just fine without a TDR happening… Not sure why that happens.