Tapered feature

How would I make this part look similar to this image (tapered oval to the hole)

Should be simple, unfortunately I’m not at my computer to make a sample file but basically:

  • Draw inner and outer ovals
  • ExtrudeStraight outer oval down
  • Move inner oval down to a satisfactory depth
  • Loft the inner oval to the outer oval or to the top of the extuded srf (turn on history for this command if u want to play with the depth of the inner oval)
  • Once happy, fillet the outer edge

Okay thank you, however when I go to fillet it, it doesn’t delete the straight part
donut.3dm (2.6 MB)

you can also use 5 curves like so, and use loft with option loose.

not sure what happened to your fillet would be good to post the portion of geometry before the fillet.

donut_2.3dm (2.6 MB)
Here is the file, I am still unable to fillet the top edge

Dear @D.Smith

looks like there is some inaccuracy already in your curves.
you can check this with a few commands:
_explode or sub-Selection _gcon


also it s a good idea to use the World x y axis to be used for the symmetry of a single object.

if the curves are precise the surfaces will be nice and filletEdge works.
(if you want to keep your approach - redraw the curves)

but the fastest way to draw your object is to draw the section (blue curve in my file) including the fillet)

donut_02_tp.3dm (3.4 MB)

check attached document.
I recommend the approach of drawing some rectangles (red) first to define the dimension of the object…

hope this helps - kind regards - tom