Tapered beam ends

Hi there, I’m looking to offset inwards and taper my beams at both ends, as sketched. Any help is appreciated.

220319_Tapered Beam.gh (21.5 KB)

Roof Test.3dm (169.8 KB)

Hi. I created two definitions that do the thing you need. One of them it is using one of the “Vipers” components, the socond one it is using only plain Grasshopper components.

You can adapt to fit your needs.
Beam_taper_ends.gh (22.7 KB)

Made some small improvements to the first definition to better fit your needs.

Beam_taper_ends_Vipers.gh (21.7 KB)

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a solution with solid difference in this file :wink:
220319_Tapered Beam2.gh (34.9 KB)

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@paco-paco @Macuso Thank you! Both of them work fine. Cheers!

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