Tangled up in branches


I got a problem with operations on pretty complex paths. Unfortunately I cannot post the original script so I will try to explain my problem the best I can with an example.

I have 4 lists with 5 booleans in each branch. The path structure is {A;B}. I’d like to use ‘gate or’ component on ALL paths of branch {A;x}. My problem is that in original definition number of branches (both in A and B) may differ. That means i would need to use “Explode Tree” (or BANG!) each time I change it. Is there a way to do that without exploding a tree and manually connecting relative branches?


What do you want to do with gate or, if in {i;x} (x has 3 or more differenct branches)?
If you want to compare all x together you can try something like this: