Tangent loft different than tangent blend curve

I’ve been using other software for a long time now, but I was going to clean up som parts in Rhino and I thought the straight loft looked weird so I had to make a blend curve to check, and yes, there’s a difference:

Why on earth is that difference there, and why on earth isn’t there a profile tension setting in either tool?

It’s a 90 degree corner. The setback is equal, yet the two tools produce different results out of the box.

I’m using Rhino 7.

Lofting with match tangents keeps the control point spacing of the loft. BlendCrv does not. I do not know how it would work to do something more elaborate in Loft, especially when more than two curves are are in the mix.


So that’s the developer facing technical reason for the behavior.

But as for the user facing end result, does that benefit me in any way?