Tangent handrail

I had created a tangent handrail in Acad old version and I would like to create the same method in Rhino5, please have a look at this video:


@2:34 how do I create the 2 x 40 degree planes within the rectangular box?


To make the rail, you draw a curve that is its centerline, then use Pipe command to draw pipe/rail around the centerline. To make the curve, you draw two straight lines, then you connect the lines using Blend command or BlendCrv command.

There are two ways to make the box.

  1. You make overlapping surfaces which define the walls of the box. Then you use CreateSolid command to combine the surfaces into the box.
  2. You make long box with the Box command. Then you cut the box with one of many cutting commands: Trim, Split, WireCut, etc.

By the way, Rhino 7 is much more sophisticated than AutoCAD 2006.

Free video tutorials about Rhino (First and second website have almost the same videos.):