Tangent arcs DWG-import

I’m importing DWG drawings exported from another program (i think, Vectorworks), and it seems that the arcs not trimmed properly. The arcs are extend beyond the intersection (by too large an amount). Is this due to creation of arcs in the other software or dwg export/import error? I would like to know more. Attached file with the arcs.

tangent arc error.3dm (60.4 KB)

Hi Raja- as far as I know Rhino would always read in the curves as written in the dwg file.


We would need the dwg file to tell for sure if the arcs are read correctly or not.
I’d be happy to look if you want to post an example.

Hi Pascal,

Ok, thank you.

Hello Lowel,

Ok thanks, will check if i can email an example dwg.