Tangent along a curve Help

i’m not having much luck with finding a variable tangent point along a curve which is controlled via slider… can someone show me how or point me in the right direction? (and maybe check if the other parts leading up to the curve in question are ok? :wink: )

Question_crvtanpt.gh (18.7 KB)

i can get the functionality i’m after by using Point on Curve which has a slider.

what i’d like to do however is get the same thing to happen except using a number slider instead.

(1/2 because i’d rather have the slider being the same thing as my other variable controls… and 1/2 just to help me engrain/learn/figure out what’s going on :wink: )

Just off the top of my head, you can use the Evaluate Length component under Curve > Analysis… Make Normalized=True and use a slider from 0 to 1… The P output will be the point on curve, slider at 0 will be curve start, 1 will be curve end, etc…


awesome. thank you.
that’s exactly what i was looking to do.