Tangence curve

Hello, Could someone tell me how to solve this problem. I don’t know how to solve itddsfs

have you problems in Grasshopper or Trigonometry ?
Here are some of the coordinates of the points.
Point 1 {0,0,0}
Point 2 {0,b,0}
Center {b/10, b, 0}
Point 3 {b/10+b/10cos(90°-angle),b+sin(90°-angle),0}
Point 4 {b/10+b/10
cos(90°-angle)+(b+sin(90°-angle))*tan(90°-angle), 0,0}


Could you show it to me on screen?

why not following some tutorials ? There are plenty of resources online. Dive into Grasshopper, I did it long time ago and I have no regret.

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I suppose it’s more efficient if you use trig…

Tangent Curve.gh (16.7 KB)

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