Take preview image from selected object

Hi there.
I’m writing my own plugin in C# for Rhinoceros 6.
From a selected object, I need to obtain its preview image, like a render or a wireframe of it, to use this inside my plugin’s functions.
Is it possible in Rhino?
Is there any function in API to make object preview?

maybe this gives a direction what to look for?



Ok, this method allow me to retrieve a thumbnail image stored in 3dm file when it’s saved on disk.
In my case, i hope to take an image of a single object in the opened file.
Maybe this file isn’t saved on disk yet.
Maybe this file contain more object, not only my selected object.
I’m not sure it can be done. I have a memory of having looked for this possibility long time ago in Rhinoceros 4

Wait … maybe I didn’t read the second link well.
It could be an idea. I have to try.
Thanks for the tip!