Take a part in a contemporary art exhibition

Exhibition 11

Architectural Collaborations, March 10, 2021

Open call and special request.
Grasshopper сompetition for Exhibition 11. Come up with a definition of a contemporary art exhibition.

The exhibition of contemporary art Exhibition 11 will be held in Spring. Exhibition topics: digital manufacturing and computational design. Architectural Сollaborations have won a grant for implementation of the project, and we announce a сompetition for architects.

There are two categories.

  1. The first category is image processing. Take an image, a picture, a gradient and use it in Grasshopper.
  2. The second category is a definition without an image.

The purpose is to create a cutting outline for a digital manufacturing project in two-dimensional space for a 2D plane. Imagine sheet metal, a laser cuts through the material, along the cutting contour. Enter the solution within a rectangle of 1260 mm by 1320 mm. A PDF file with a cutting contour for a 2D plane is a project of an exhibition. The minimum size or diameter of the holes is 2 mm. The deadline to present your project is March 22.

The projects will be posted on the website. We will implement 50 projects and 10 pass them to the gallery for exhibition. The works will be exhibited in public places in the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia and will get acquainted with new architectural technologies. The purpose of the exhibition is to carry out the projects and tell about them on the Internet.

The organizers are the virtual office Architectural Collaborations, with partners in Russia, Tokyo and Los Angeles, they turn creative speculations of a new generation of architectural practice into pieces of contemporary art.

In Russia: Amir Gumarov, Kostya Markin, Oleg Salov, Anya Efimova.
In the USA: Head of the Metropolitanmomentum Bureau, Maria Kuzminskaya, Los Angeles
In Japan: Satoru Sugihara, ATLV, Tokyo.

Pay attention to the requirements for how to submit a project to the competition.

Create the “Exhibition 11” folder on Google Drive and download to it:

  1. Grasshopper file in the format .gh.

  2. PDF file – vector cutting contour for a 2D plane, format 1260 mm by 1320 mm.

  3. Source images for works in the first category.

  4. Come up with a short description that will introduce the viewer to the work, a Word document.

  5. In the access settings of the “Exhibition 11” folder, copy the link and send it via the form. The organizers will have an access to the folder where the files will be stored.

  6. To participate in both categories or submit a new project, create a new folder for each project inside the “Exhibition 11” folder.

The results will be announced on March 28. Facebook for questions.
Competition website.

Exhibition 11.pdf (32.4 KB)