Tags on Opening Elevations Printing Cropped

They’re not cropped by the viewport and are visible in Layout (on the left) but they are printing cropped (in the Cutepdf printon the right). I’ll upload the project to drop box.

Hi David,

I cannot reproduce the issue. If I print this model, I get the full circle for the tags, and the text is not correctly centered (this bug is already fixed in VisualARQ 2.3). That is what I get with CutePDF:


I think that you’re doing something that I’m not doing, like exploding the elevations for example. Is that correct?



Maybe i did explode them - I notice that the offset isn’t present in my prints. But even so, it shouldn’t be clipped. Can you reproduce it if you explode them?

No, I cannot reproduce the problem. When you see the issue again, save the model and sent it to me.