Tabulator Toggles

fit surface for example does not toggle with tab from U to V at all, one has to click with the mouse into the second field. there are numerous fields which do not work well and break the work continuity painfully.

Can you please give an example where using tab within a command’s options works as you expect?

hmm not sure i saw one actually, right now i would say that all of them have issues.

the command rebuild for example almost works, but 2 problems there:

• one has to start with hitting tab to be able to start typing
• the next tab causes a focus on the arrow box, instead of going to the second number field.

also BoxEdit works strangely like that and does not complete on enter. the enter issue was fixed for windows. mac will have this in version 6 according to youtrack.

Are you requesting that all the Command options in sidebar and the Command options dialog behave - with regard to using tab - just like a command that has a custom dialog (like Rebuild and BoxEdit)?

For example, if you run Rebuild you get…

but if you run -Rebuild you get…

…but you would want the later to behave the same as the former?

just to be sure we are not running into a misunderstanding again.

current behaviour:
select a curve, enter the command rebuild, mouse click into the field Point Count/or pressing tab first to activate it, then enter the point count, then hit tab twice, enter the degree then hit enter.

thats not comfortable and much too complicated. i have to switch here from the mouse to the keyboard then to the mouse again then to the keyboard then again to the mouse to work further…

my expected behaviour:
select a curve, enter the command rebuild, enter a number for the amount of points (without further clicks or tabs), then hit tab once, enter the degree, hit enter/space.

the same for Rebuld Surface for example, here again either i click into the field because writing straight away does not work or i press tab first, to be able to enter point count for U, till i reach the bottom if i have to change them all i have to press tab 8 times.

fit surface does not allow me to toggle further at all, typing a value only changes the tolerance, hitting tab to change the degree in U and V is futile. (here by the way i get only a dashed form of the command if the options are in the sidebar, while i cant get the dashed form at all when the command options dialogue is floating).

does that make sense now?

I believe I understand what you are saying with regard to Tab in the context of the Rebuild command.

Does this work for you?

  1. Select a curve.
  2. Run -Rebuild (note the dash -)
  3. Press P
  4. Press enter
  5. Enter some number for number of points
  6. Press enter
  7. Press D
  8. Press enter
  9. Enter some number for Degree
  10. Press enter to complete the command.

I believe this satisfies the desire not to move from mouse to keyboard to mouse to keyboard.

I guess I would still want an answer to the question I asked above:

That would help me understand the scope of what you are requesting.

not at all to be frank, this is far too complicated if i just want to enter 2 values. that would not be much different to changing with mouse to keyboard etc. “consuming” almost the same time.

just a simple x TAB x Enter is what i request. x stands for a number of course.

tabbing through all the numbers directly without double tabs if that would work and work consistent could speed up the process in all options and does not give one a headache because all options work different.

so yes that might be a little work to clean all of them up, if it makes sense. but i personally would be ok waiting for version 6 of course i dont think that you want to do many changes for 5 anymore.

just to point that out once more, currently the dashed form of rebuild does not tab at all other than the fingerknoting p value d value. Also the normal version or FitSrf.

others like rebuild here need a double tab because it jumps to the arrow field which is also bothersome. just for being able to increase the value with the cursor buttons… that does not justify breaking a smooth logistics in my opinion.

Yes, this is precisely the question I was trying to ask. Now I think I understand your expectations.

if you would consider cleaning this up, then just as an idea still -> to add a hotkey for a preview in case one is needed. something like alt-enter or alt-space that the preview gets activated.