Tabletop solar system

My cycles has been acting up lately, seriously staggering the UI responsiveness, but I managed to turn this one out by doing all the work in Rendered viewports and only switching to Raytraced at the very end.

I like how the Sun manages to properly glow, even using standard Rhino materials.


Nice. Always good to see basic materials in use :slight_smile:

We’re working on the slowness part with @andy. Today he changed back to the old system, but with far less frequent checks. Hopefully that helps a bit.

I don’t know- seems kind of squished together to me.



Now I know that one AU equals 5 billion Blue Whales. Thanks guys.

Bit disappointed that after all that scrolling he only added one moon around Saturn. Love the lightspeed auto-scrolling though.

it all depends how you look at it, using a proper tele lens will show things a little closer :smiley:

The others are smaller than 1 px on that map. The diameter of Rhea, the second biggest around Saturn, is only 44% of our Moon’s. Good thing that Titan is bigger than Mercury or else there would have been even more blackness… (of course, with their sizes, Titan, Europa, Io, … should have shown up on your map ;ø)

Another solar system visualization, riding along with a proton on its trip to Jupiter:


@DavidRutten i just found a very similar image in fact its so similar that i assumed its from you :smiley:
the news are in german though, its about the 7 earth like planets which where discovered.

Yeah that’s the one that popped up on my Pinterest feed, it prompted me to make my own.

got ya :wink: well i like yours more, its more calm and the white rings make it more readable like a mixture between a diagram and an illustration, but i personally would´ve wished the focus on earth with its moon.