Table access custom parameter of a curve

I created a curve with the information about the room (custom parameters). It’s possible to read out the information with the table function of visualarq and to display it visually? I get only a black table.

Thanks for help.

Hi @bjornsmolarek,
There is currently a bug that doesn’t let you select custom parameters when you are listing curves in tables. I’ll let you know when we fix this.

Why don’t you create spaces instead and list them? Spaces work fine in terms of listing them with the information of custom parameters.

I am looking for how to define area calculations. In Germany, for example, a balcony with a maximum of 50% of its area is counted and therefore I need two issues of the area, one 100% and counted.

Can you do calculations with the Visualarq areas?

That is why I used curves with Grasshopper but had problems to output them as a table.

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Bjoern Smolarek

In this case, you can use Spaces as well. You can create a new custom parameter (by Document) that indicates these new areas with that “usage ratio” applied (50% for balconies), and feed the Space objects with the new data. If you do this in Grasshopper, you can use the “Update Property” component, which lets you “bake” values to referenced objects.
Then you can add that custom parameter as a Property field in the Table style for Spaces, and list them in the tables.

Hi @bjornsmolarek

Version 2.9 of VisualARQ has been released and it fixes the error that prevented custom parameters on curves to be listed.

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