Tab view container keeps switching back

This is probably a wish list thing. Every time something upstream from tab view component changes, the tab view snaps back to the first tab. I wish it remembers which tab I have open last.

it just means you’re not updating contents correctly. If you use “Set” output components to update the contents of the window the tab will stay.



This is very helpful! It seems as though there is a length limit to the “tabbed interface” I wonder if there is a way to give more vertical dimension to a “tabbed interface”?

what do you mean length limit? if you have too many tabs to fit on one line they will fold onto another line: image

Sorry, to clarify, I am asking about the actual length of the contents of the tab.

there should be no limit on that either. can you send a screenshot? what are you experiencing?

I also noticed that radio buttons in different tabs are not one-only selected, even though they are grouped together. Is there a way to make sure they switch?

this is the normal and desired behavior - since a tab creates a different Root Visual it separates the scope of the radio button groups, as I understand it.

The GroupName uses the root visual to determine the scope. In this way, if you open two intance of the same window, the RadioButton would still works fine. Otherwise the radio buttons in both windows will effects each other.

No way around this that I know of!

with that said, I think having linked radio buttons in different tabs would be a total anti-pattern from a UI perspective…

Ah yes scope is my worst enemy…Thanks for the clarification tho.

“there should be no limit on that either. can you send a screenshot? what are you experiencing?”

Thank you for confirming this @andheum We had limited our grid size, and had forgotten about setting that limit.

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